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P.R."ism" Bio
"P.R.ism-Puerto Rican Ism" is an exceptionally talented performer/entertainer. He is a bi-lingual Hip-Hop rapper born and raised in Chicago. His sound is fresh and versatile, incorporating the best elements of Hip-Hop, Soul, Dancehall Reggae, and Reggaeton.
P.R.ism hails from the Humboldt Park neighborhood, which is comprised of one of the largest Puerto Rican communities in the United States. It is the Chicago streets and its surroundings where P.R.ism gets inspiration for writing the powerful music that he does. Strong lyrics in his songs tackle all themes ranging from subjects such as: dealing with relationships, the hardships of growing up in the city, representing his Latino heritage (his name says it all), and all-out nightclub party music.
P.R.ism is well known and respected in the hip-hop scene for his dedication and resilience. His live show is not to be missed. When it's his turn to take the stage, he delivers a burst of energy that one can't help but pay attention. He owns any stage that he's on and takes command of the audience every time. The shows are pre-programmed and coordinated with his live DJ, DJ Skor from Chicago. Together they get the venues amped with the energy.
This energy is the one P.R.ism brings when he works as a host for several hip-hop events in Chicago. He hosted a Monday night hip-hop event at Club Big-Wig where there was a weekly open mic competition. He recently hosted an emcee battle competition at The Note Nightclub which will be released as a DVD called Rhymespittaz. Currently, he hosts Fat Fridays-a hip-hop party sponsored by The Bassment Music Store. The event takes place at Club Exedus every Friday, drawing a dedicated crowd every single week. It is one of Chicago's premier hip-hop events.
Recently, with the help of DJ Skor and The Bassment Music Store, P.R. ism released THE P.R.ISMIXX, a mix CD featuring work that he had compiled up to December 2004. It was a hit in the streets as he sold over 1,000 units independently. It contained the club banger, 'Hot Salsa', and the street tribute 'Chi-Town Hip-Hop'.
P.R."ism" PuertoRicanism

P.R. ism extended BIO
P.R."ism" is a young man driven by his passion for music and arts.

Born and raised in Chicago Illinois on the 19th day of the cold month of November in the year 1977.

Prisms break light in to colors or a "spectrum".

This spectrum he relates to the various abilities he obtains.

From flipping his style delivery, to acting, to writing books, to basketball, to illustration and even martial arts!

He is passionate about them all.

When people know him on one level, they would never expect for him to be as good as he is at the other.

P.R."ism" loves that! Being underestimated is something that has been the fuel which has driven him since the death of both parents in his teens.

He is a true artist in every sense of the word.

Arts are forms of expression and whether its in the court, on the sketch pad, verbally or on the mic it comes naturally

Not limited to rap/hip hop P.R."ism" enjoys music in general.

From classical, to jazz, rock and gospel, disco to house and techno!

He loves R&B ranging from Jodeci, Boys to men, R. Kelly, Jagged Edge, SWV, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson,

Joe, Usher, Donell Jones, Destinys child, 702, Faith Evans, India Arie, Carl Thomas, Musiq, Whitney Houston and so many more.

Being raised with parents who not only listened to salsa, Merengue and Bachata, but Diana Ross, Earth wind and fire, Smokey Robinson, Quincy Jones, Leena Horne and more than is in memory at the moment, he was always exposed to the "soul' in both cultures.

Being raised in Humboldt Park Chicago he was immersed in a diversity of culture and ethnicities.

Never a stranger to his own, living in one of the most highly Puerto Rican populated areas in Chicago!

He has showcased his skills on countless occasions and never fails to receive love from the crowd.

With his ability to project his voice and uncanny energy which he shares with the crowd he is no stranger to rockin’ a show.

Gaining experience performing on a weekly level, he continues to grow as an artist, writer and performer.

With over 60 songs recorded he is no stranger to the recording booth.

While other emcees concentrate on there freestyle or battle skills, P.R."ism" hones that ability, but focuses on making good music.

With producers donating instrumentals to this artist regularly, he perpetually creates new songs.

Writing a new song is something he loves to do. Attempting to do something different every time he creates.

Not only does P.R."ism" write, playing piano by ear, he creates beats as without the ability of music notation.

Having no music when he first began to write was no impediment to P.R."ism" though as he wrote countless pages sharpening his rhyme skills.

A lyricist first, he began to do his own production in the late 90's on a simple drum machine and keyboard.

From such humble beginnings he has come to playing with and being given the opportunity to rock tracks made on

ASR X PRO, Korg Karma, Korg Tritan, EMU 7, Fruity loops, Reason, Mpc 2 and 3000 and various other tools used for production!

It seems now every verse P.R."ism" writes has a designated track which producers have donated to this artist! He has come a long way.

Begining very early in age he drew his experience not only from East coast, but West coast rap as well as southern.

His influences includes N.W.A. Scarface and the ghetto Boys, Gangstarr, Tupac Amaru Shakur, Snoop dogg, Notorious Big, Outkast, Wu-tang clan, Black knights of the North star, Mr. Mike, Bone thugs in harmony, Too Short, Jeru the Damaja, Eight ball and MJG, Twista, Do or die, D.A.S.M.A.R.T., EC. Illa, L.L.Cool J, Camp Lo, Fat Joe, Big Pun, Terror squad, and so many more!

Writing rhymes at 13-14 he was known to his friends as the boy who could rhyme.

Having his first opportunity to perform at age 14, he was at an outdoor birthday party of a friend when he saw a DJ with an emcee and a dancer that came as a group.

Being the boy who rhymed, his friends, without the permission of P.R."ism", who’s name was not even a thought at the time, they asked if he could rhyme.

Never really timid to perform in front of his friends, he was now given the opportunity to flow in front of adults and youth!

Denying the opportunity at first, his friends urged him to "rip" the mic!

Having many pages of his own written rhymes, he thought of a verse and began to flow.

As he did so, he noticed the people in the crowd reacting to his voice. He noticed the surprise on their face as they realized it was him!

The crowd cheered him on only encouraging him, causing his voice to project more thoroughly, more confidently.

Utilizing that energy as inspiration to go write more and continuously create.

Never growing stagnant and being able to evolve in this ever changing flux of music we call hip hop he could not loose interest.

He began to attend open mics and was being received by the crowd very similarly.

He attempted to make a name for himself though his true focus was the experience which he would in turn he would write about!

Other people talk about it, P.R."ism", and very few emcees in the Chicago land area at the time, were "being" about it.

His influences clearly showed in his music as a youth, but he began to develop in his own direction and shedding those to come into his own identity as an artist.

His music is now very much a reflection of his thoughts and authentic to him, yet he has never left his lyrical abilities or rather, they have never left him.

Only learning to freestyle in '95, he survived all the years prior with strictly written material which he had in surplus.

Now well known on the Chicago hip hop scene, he frequents open mics as not to loose touch with his roots in the music as well as the shows he does WEEKLY.

Since turning 25, now 26, P.R."ism" now qualifies to hold a spot among the upper exhalent of lyricist in the Chicago scene!

Having done shows with Usual suspects, Profound, Iomas Mirad, windy whooosh, sidewalk skolaz, Garden family, Lunatic the messiah Monsoon, Pacific’s, Hall of fame, Humboldt park lagoon, Thirsty Cambodians, Dynamic Vibrations, Garden family, Farm Crew, even DOLAMYTE, you can trust he will "bring it"!

Always being asked to build with other artists, he is always open minded to the opportunity to change his style to fit the same page

as long as he is not questioning his own integrity and watering down his music in doing so.


AOL Instant messenger (AIM) PRISMIXX DJSkorandPRism@hotmail.com